Autumn jacket

Name Autumn jacket
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Started Feb 21, 2024
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Notes 21 April 2024 - I finally finished this jacket! With a lot of help from Youtube. YouTube showed me how to line the jacket, how to make the bound buttonholes and how to enlarge the facing to take the very wide buttons. The pattern was not lined but I decided to line the jacket to make it easier to put on and take off. I put piping around the sleeves and collar for a bit of interest. I have never done bound buttonholes before but I found a site which told me how to make them and how to set them into the facing. I used black suede cloth under the collar and for the welts. I used very three precious 80 year old buttons saved from my mothers trousseau. I have just read what I wrote before. I am not going to wear it open at the neck!

Users Comments

  • Carolyn Begg

    And so my bobbin casing has broken and the machine has to go to the sewing machine doctor.????

  • Carolyn Begg

    21 Feb 2024 - I read the instructions and didn't understand them very well so I decided to run Google translate over the Russian instructions which helped with some of the words. I think I now understand what to do.
    I want to make the jacket in tunic length. I have 3 vintage buttons from my mother. They are about 80 years old and this jacket gives me an opportunity to use them. I have cut out this pattern in suede cloth and have decided to try to line it. I like the idea of using black piping against the reddish brown suede cloth. I am thinking I will cut out the collar again but in black, or maybe just the under collar. Not ready to sew yet but I am putting down my thoughts here so I don't lose them. I need to buy a bit more black fabric.

    I have altered the pattern (with the help of YouTube) to fit the big buttons.They are 37mm wide. I have also increased the width of the facing because I want to wear it open at the neck. I am trying to decide whether to move the welts but it might spoil the design. I have to make the welts bigger because I have big hands. I am going to use black contrast for the welts.
    I think this will be my biggest project ever.