Lilac blooming top

Name Lilac blooming top
Status finished
Started Oct 9, 2023
Completed Oct 18, 2023
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I used a viscose jersey, with a little bit or elasthane
For the sleeves I replaced part of it with a synthetic mousseline fabric. It has 3D fabric flowers on it.

Alterations: as usual for this pattern I lowered the armholes 1cm , took in the wrists by 2. Cm.
I lengthened it 2 cms.

For this design I altered the neckline,
Sleeves: I cut the sleeves pattern into 2, slashed into the pattern from the bottom a few places to spread it, and spreading it to at least the double of the original circumference. This I gather and add back to the lower part of the sleeves and voila

Users Comments

  • JdT

    Attention, the garment is seam slipping at the arm cycle! if anyone makes this with organza sleeves: the give in the arm cycle is not enough even with the puff sleeves. If I remake it I need longer sleeves and a little larger to have a lot of movement, or remove completely the cuffs so it doesn’t compromise the movement.