Wearable green blouse mock up

姓名 Wearable green blouse mock up
状态 进行中
开始 2023-9-30
进度 90 %
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笔记 30/9 Halfway done today! It’s a longer pattern than expected and not entirely sure about it as of now…

11/11 I've shortened it y cutting 15 cm off the hem. The top is a little loose in the chest area, I'm thinking off seam ripping the front and taking it in a little to see how that looks. I should also have applied interfacing but I didn't do that; no clue why actually.

2/1 I set the buttons in 15 mm from the edge and used embroidery floss to make the loops. I just need to hem the blouse, give it a good press and then I'm finished.

Things I've done differently
* I cut 2 pair of he cuffs, not 2 pieces.
* Used embroidery floss to make the loops instead of biasbinding
* I didn't interface the cuffs, but that was out of laziness, not because I thought it was a good idea.
* I used 4 smaller buttons and made button loops on the cuffs.
* I shortened the blouse by 15 cm, but I think that it might hit better on your hip when it's about 10-12 cm. In total I used 9 15 mm buttons and on 8 11 mm buttons on the cuffs.

Next time I might add 1-2 cm to the side seam at the hip point to have it sit a little nicer/ have more ease. I want to space the buttons on the cuff better next time and make the cuff 1-2 cm smaller if I'm using loops next time again. For buttonholes it's perfect. And I need to interface the cuffs and the facings before putting them in. I only interfaced the button stand after I put in the facing and understitched it. I might try sew the gatherings of the top front starting about 5 cm in from the side seam too. I think it would look nicer.
I used a green viscose to make the blouse.