A lot of Blue and a little See Through

Name A lot of Blue and a little See Through
Status finished
Started May 1, 2023
Completed Jul 30, 2023
Progress 100 %
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Notes I wanted to test out this pattern and this stretch broadcloth fabric from Fabric Wholesale Direct. I also still have left over chiffon from my daughter's prom dress.

First off, I love the pattern.
Secondly, I like the fabric a lot. It has just a little give which makes a fitted blouse much more wearable.

Construction-wise...meh...not my best work.

Notes to self:
Use a smaller ballpoint needle.
Use French seams. It's not as tidy inside as I'd like.
The yoke pieces in the front were surprisingly disorienting because of how the chiffon behaves. I am not entirely sure that I sewed them in the correct orientation. I just needed to mark the pieces better.
Buy thread to match next time. I used what I have which is okay-ish.
In the end, the blouse actually looks pretty nice wearing it. It fits well and it's something I can use.
I will use the pattern and the fabric again perhaps together...perhaps not.

Users Comments

  • Jane Riebe

    Oh, boy, I bet that fabric was a challenge to work with. If the fabric isn't a stretch, you probably wanted to use a finer needle, not a ballpoint needle.

  • désirée boutault

    le resultat est tres sympa