Raincoat 5169

Name Raincoat 5169
Status finished
Started Oct 16, 2022
Completed Jan 6, 2023
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I started making the jacket already in October. Because of the many details, this took a lot of time and sometimes I had to do something else so that I don't start rushing.
Because of the high collar and the black color, my husband calls the coat a Witch coat or a Vampire coat. :) By the way, the collar is taken from pattern 4483.
The jacket fabric is waterproof softshell. The fabric is very attractive because of the drop pattern. The zipper is also unusual in black/silver coloring
I made 4 outside pockets, underarm zippers for ventilation and added a drawstring on the sides (which I took from old pant legs). The color of the string is light gray, but it doesn't really show in the pictures.
I made a removable lining for the jacket so that I can also use the jacket in warmer weather. The black lining fabric is satin and the white thermal lining.
I already had a removable lining made for another coat, which is made of the worst quilting fabric. That goes for this too. From the front, the lining is fastened with a zipper, and the collar and hem are fastened with a snap fastener.

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