Jerry's Wool Waistcoat

Name Jerry's Wool Waistcoat
Status finished
Started Nov 3, 2022
Completed Nov 4, 2022
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes Sewn in a heavy wool melton in rust with a bright blue satin lining.

Users Comments

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Kristen, I have made him a matching shirt. x

  • Kristen Howard

    Nicely done! as always. The pocket lining is such a nice touch!

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Jane. Daughter #3 has a hipster boyfriend and he is very keen to have a few waistcoats made.

  • Jane Riebe

    Obviously your workmanship is excellent. Very well done!!!

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Désirée, I didn't have a good match so I went all out.

  • désirée boutault

    Tres joli j'aime beaucoup le mariage des 2 couleurs

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Lisa 1984, he is a lot of fun to sew for!

  • Lisa1984

    oh wow, the details are amazing! I love the different colours, very very nice result!

  • Nicole Keller

    I added several inches length for better belly coverage, to the front panels only.