Name RedWrap
Status finished
Started Jun 4, 2022
Completed Jul 14, 2022
Progress 100 %
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Notes I made this dress for my uncle's wedding this last July. I ordered the linen from I am quite happy with the quality and price of their linen.
I just have some snapshots from the wedding. I may someday take more pictures of the final product, but I am not very motivated since that fit is okay but not great. I will make some fit adjustments for the next iteration (if there is one).

The fit problem is entirely my fault because I had input the wrong (too big) waist measurement when I updated my measurement profile.

I also need to adjust the measurement from shoulder to bustline, but Lekala doesn't have the granularity for the precision that I need in that area. It affects some patterns more than others. If others have experience using Lekala's adjustment for bust height I am interested to know. My bust-to-waist fit is usually fine. It is only the bust to shoulder that is long for me. The arm scythe varies in fit in Lekala patterns from me. In this case, I had to take in quite a lot at the shoulder seam and the arm scythe after basting together the pieces to check fit. Sometimes it is too tight.

I don't typically make a muslin with Lekala patterns, and I was a little time-pressed to have this dress done by the wedding so I didn't recheck the fit a second time until it was done. Still, I am reasonably satisfied with the final result though I may tweak it a bit more.

Users Comments

  • Kristen Howard

    Thank you all for your kind words and your suggestions KiraTF.

  • Lisa1984

    it actually looks really nice, and that colour suits you so well!

  • KiraTF

    also in the picture it looks like your waist is higher than a dress means that you need to adjust in your measurements a high waist.(you'll find it in your options)

  • KiraTF

    hi.I am also the one with the bust adjustment.There is an option to adjust your bust apex by saying your bust point is very high regular or low.this is going to be your shoulder to bust adjustment.Also with big bust i recommend to type in an inch smaller than your actual waist measurement .good luck.

  • Ирина Чуйкова

    Отличное платье! И модель симпатичная!

  • désirée boutault

    La robe est pourtant tres jolie ,