Knitted winterdress

Name Knitted winterdress
Status finished
Started Dec 19, 2022
Completed Dec 19, 2022
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I've made this dress before. Now it's completely different. The pattern was with the old measurements and now it happened that I didn't add enough seam allowance and the dress actually licked my body. It looked good, but I'm not used to showing my ball stomach. :)
So I cut the side seam open and added fabric there, if I wanted to I could change the pieces completely to another color. I continued the sleeves because I miss being warm in the winter. That's why I made a cape for the shoulders from model 5724 from the same fabric (from what was left).
I changed this dress a bit, removed the flare and added zippers on the sides. Now the outfit can be used as a tunic or a dress

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