Viscose pijama

Название Viscose pijama
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Дата начала 17 окт. 2022 г.
Дата окончания 01 дек. 2022 г.
Статус 100 %
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Заметки I bought a standard size that is 2 size smaller than my size, to avoid baggy fit.
Viscose leftovers inherited from my mother, barely enough fabric to make it, so the top will have shorter sleeves, smaller pockets, and pants will only be short. I have literally nothing left from the fabric.
I have tried the pattern previously and as I remember it was ok in this size, but this time the fabric has no stretch at all.
Fabric: yellow-ish cream color, viscose with nice flow and weight. I use polo knit peachy orange color piping.

Somehow the facing pulls up the hem if I lower the arms but when hemming flat it was ok. I chopped off 15 cm both from length and arm and still too long.
I think it is ok, next time I hem more carefully, I think it is me ho messed up.


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