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Name Cape-Blazer
Status finished
Started Aug 1, 2022
Completed Aug 4, 2022
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes Used a synthetic suiting material from Joann, with a floral printed cotton for the lining. This is my first time doing anything with a lining, and I'm pleased overall! However, those curved hems killed me, and I haven't figured out how to work with those yet!

Really great pattern, though! Easy to work with.

Users Comments

  • kkvqwdzjq

    You're all awesome! Thank you for the tips!

  • Newenka

    Look, this is what we are here for to advise each other!
    This gives us guidance on how we can do something and agree with the previous ladies and would solve it that way.
    Well done by the way!

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Nice colors. I often leave the lining unsewn on the hem of the jacket. I just finish the hems of both separately.

  • désirée boutault

    pour moi votre doublure doit etre un peu plus courte que votre cape ca qui expliquerai que cela tire par endroit je serai vous je separerai lourlet de la cape et l'ourlet de la doublure
    sinon tres joli modele

  • Jane Riebe

    Here's what I do with a curved hem: After you mark and press the hem where it will be folded to make the lower edge, run a basting stitch at the upper edge (single layer) of the hem. You can then ease the fullness of the hem by cinching the excess in with the basting stitch. Press it when done, and it should look very nice.