White jumpsuit for daughter's Student graduation

Nom White jumpsuit for daughter's Student graduation
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Notes Changes made: 1) V-neck 2)moved zip-opening to front 3)used facings in neckline instead of turned under edges 4) tightened up the sleeves to be flush with the arms rather than fluttery (aging, said my daughter) 5)added big pockets in side seams for mobile phones

I think that fabric choice is very important for this model to be flattering; bc of the wide, swinging legs, you want a mid to heavy weight material with a lot of drape. A lightweight cotton wd probably stand away from the body, adding chunkiness to the silhouette and clumsiness when you move.

We picked a heavy polyester crepe
with 4% Lycra. I normally avoid sewing with polyester bc I hate wearing it, but the ideal fabric, 4-ply silk crepe, was out of my wallet's reach! This polyester behaved well, it moved beautifully, was thick enough to support the large pockets and the heavy front zipper, it wasn't too transparent and washes v well. Plus, very comfortable on the day, says my daughter, not too warm.

The pattern sewed up really well, everything matched up, and it's so luxurious to have all the height adjustments baked in from the start! (Short waist, long legs, small shoulders).
I did find it on the small side though, so I stole about 0,5cm from all the seam allowances for wearing ease, and also added a little bit at the crotch seams so that nothing would hitch when she crouched or bent down- a pet peeve of mine in jumpsuits!

One thing I found a little surprising was how the seam allowances were not consistent and varied from 1cm to 4cm, often on pieces that attached to each other. Awkward for sewing! Good to know ahead of time for the marking.

I don't have a good pic featuring the finished jumpsuit, but I put up some pictures of the trial, basted together only version (only 1 sleeve and sans facings), as well as some candid shots on the day which show how sporty it is, and easy to move in.
It was down and dirty sewing, due to lack of time, but my daughter was v pleased!

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  • Lisa1984

    You made some great changes to make this jumpsuit work for you! Looks amazing!