4328 jacket

Naam 4328 jacket
Status afgerond
Gestart 2 mei 2022
Afgerond 12 jun. 2022
Voortgang 100 %
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Notities I used the same fabric as for the dress in model 2256. Nicely soft and flexible. I made the jacket one color on purpose so that it is easier to combine with other clothes. I added the pockets to make them quite inconspicuous. I like the collar of the jacket model, although sewing it was a bit of a headache. With the sleeves, I made creases on the shoulders and took in a little of the bodice part.

Gebruikers opmerkingen

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Thanks Newenka, it's my pleasure if you got a good idea.

  • Newenka

    Is a very nice jacket and love the collar too. You gave me an idea because I love these jackets!