Blouse with Ties - Hemp Organic Cotton

Name Blouse with Ties - Hemp Organic Cotton
Status finished
Started May 27, 2022
Completed May 28, 2022
Progress 100 %
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Notes Fabric:
Front Body - Hemp Organic Cotton - Natural Stripes
Back Body - Tencel Organic Cotton Spandex Jersey - Black

These fabric work well with this pattern. I was experimenting mixing woven fabric with Knit fabric. It turns out pretty well. If I choose again, I may use woven fabric for the front with more drape.

Since this is the second project I made with the same pattern, I modified 2 areas:

1. I made the V-neck higher (smaller) all around. I traced around 1" in from the original neckline and I'm happy with the change (I modified the neckline size based on a blouse I own).

2. I curved and dropped the end of the shoulder line and redrew the sleeves' opening. I replaced the thick sleeve bands with a narrower one using the same jersey fabric as the back body. The total length of the sleeve band is 15% shorter than the length of the new sleeves' opening.

Users Comments

  • Lisa1984

    love the changes you made, they work really well!