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Jacket 2047

Name Jacket 2047
Status finished
Started Jun 10, 2022
Completed Aug 16, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes Didn't change anything to the pattern. Fit is perfect.
I made this jacket from fabric I had left from a dress I made (will be posting that later), so I didn't buy any matching lining (as I wasn't aware that I would have enough fabric left for this jacket).
I found a lining in my stash that might not match the style of the floral fabric too much, but the colours were spot on, so I used it anyway and I like the crazy surprise this lining gives.

Users Comments

  • Muriel BLANCHARD

    Félicitations, très beau travail!

  • Newenka

    Has become a beautiful jacket and love the cheerful colors!

  • désirée boutault

    bravo pour cette jolie veste et la doublure lui donne une originalité et qui fera un modele unique

  • Jane Riebe

    Beautiful jacket! I wouldn't worry too much about the lining. Linings are more about function than form.

  • KiraTF

    wow it looks so tailored,chic and stylish!!!Great Job!