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Blouson With Decorative Sleeve #2367 - Nugget Gold

Name Blouson With Decorative Sleeve #2367 - Nugget Gold
Status finished
Started May 1, 2022
Completed May 2, 2022
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes Fabirc:
Main Body - Bamboo Cotton Spandex French Terry
Sleeves - Japanese Linen Knit

Pattern Note:
I purchased the pattern with my measurement, but unfortunately the neck facing pattern has an incorrect length (left and right are not equal). I have to shorten it and balance left and right in order to make the neckline fitted.

Users Comments

  • Newenka

    I've also had a pattern that wasn't right. I advise you to report this to Lekala so that they can adjust this.

  • Monica Law

    @Newenka The original pattern was uneven (meaning the notch for centre front is not in the middle between the other two notches which should match the top of the sleeves).
    Therefore I modified the pattern by having the centre front notch in middle of the two notches, shortened the whole length and it worked at the end.

  • Newenka

    The collar seems odd to me that it's uneven. You should distribute it evenly around the neck and should start mid front and work your way towards mid back. How did you put the tape on?

  • Jane Riebe

    That turned out nice, and it could be made to look a little dressier by just leaving the lower band off and hemming it; maybe adding a couple of inches to the length. (Lekala patterns seem to have "issues" sometimes.)

  • Lisa1984

    turned out lovely, love the fabric you used!

  • désirée boutault

    tres sympa