"Comfy Shirt dress"

Naam "Comfy Shirt dress"
Status afgerond
Gestart 14 apr. 2022
Afgerond 16 apr. 2022
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Notities Very happy with this pattern! Next time I will make it two inches longer, but that is just my personal comfort zone ;) Sizing wise it was roomy on the sides so I did tailor it a little in, but not much. I made my own belt pattern as the felt the one it came with was too wide for my shape.

Gebruikers opmerkingen

  • mirka v

    very nice outcome

  • Pauline

    Thank you all!
    Jane, this is corduroy, a wider more relaxed version. Although this dress is a shorter pattern (since it goes up on the sides), I am never quite be as comfortable in a shorter dress so will add length to it the next time :)

  • Jane Riebe

    That is really cute! Looks like you did a great job on the construction. Is it corduroy? (It does appear to be a shorter dress in the drawing...)

  • Lisa1984

    great result! would have added the length too!

  • désirée boutault

    tres jolie robe en velours cotelé
    tres sympa