cordouroy dress

Name cordouroy dress
Status finished
Started Mar 28, 2022
Completed Mar 30, 2022
Progress 100 %
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Notes Guess you can all tell by now I love cordouroy! In spring you can often get it for $5 a meter so this dress cost me $12 including the zipper.
Since I've never done welt pockets before it took me a lot of you tube videos, but I figured it out! This is a double welt pocket with a single piece lining folded over to create the pocket. I also struggled with the attaching of the top, and ended up folding it under and top stitching it on the bottom part. Worked ok.
The arms are quite snug... I guess I should lift some weights...It does look best with a belt. Snagged my daughter's belt (who informed me it was mine...she borrowed it a year ago!) Note *the pattern does have a middle vertical seam in front as well as back*
Overall very happy with it!

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  • désirée boutault

    tres jolie réalisation avec les surpiqures qui donnent un autre style