Blouse 4574 for casual as well as work attire

Название Blouse 4574 for casual as well as work attire
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Дата начала 16 марта 2022 г.
Дата окончания 02 марта 2022 г.
Статус 100 %
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Заметки I made this blouse in a viscose fabric (yellow with dots) and a fake leather stretch. The pattern was to large initially and I had to reduce 5cm on both sides to make it fit better for my liking. More straight fall of the fabric. I added a cuff in the fake stretch leather at the end of the sleeve, because I really like to keep my hands free for work. The pattern itself was easy to cut and make, only the top 90degree turns on top of the V made me puzzle a bit. I would recommend for a intermediate sewist.I finished it earlier, but forgot to take pictures. ;-)
The fabric is really nice in this in between season and feels good on my skin.

Комментарии пользователей

  • désirée boutault

    j'aime beaucoup le resultat avec le choix des tissus

  • Jane Riebe

    Really a nice, casual top. I like the creative touches you've added. Pretty fabric, too!

  • Newenka

    Looks very nice and suits you well!

  • Lisa1984

    the combination of fabrics is very cool! looks great on you