geometric stretchy pants.

Name geometric stretchy pants.
Status finished
Started Feb 6, 2022
Completed Feb 20, 2022
Progress 100 %
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Notes I adapted this pattern to woven polyester cotton blend fabric with 2-5 % elasthan. I don’t know the % of the stretch but it is very stretchy. I also make legs slim.
Fabric: I paid decent price in local store, however I have the impression this fabric has poor recovery. I am sure it will make a comfortable slim trousers but I am afraid it might not last. It will be good for one, and just to see whether I can obtain an ultimate trousers pattern for stretchy fabric. I did it, I love it.
I will not make belt loop and I will try to make one piece narrow waistband because I have not enough fabric. Narrow waistband could be cut straight to reduce stretch and it anchors better the pant that the previous waistband.

Users Comments

  • Newenka

    It's so hard to get a good fitting pair of pants because I too have this problem. Fit .... measure .... then it pulls here .... then too tight there pffffff and correct. I think it's a successful pants and nice fabric too!