Petrol suedine scuba for the win

Name Petrol suedine scuba for the win
Status in progress
Started Feb 5, 2022
Progress 70 %
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Notes A0 printed pattern
Most fantasic fabric found (a suedine scuba) in a gorgeous colour.
Now we only have to cut out the pieces, stick them all together and hopefully shortly I will have a new best blouse. I haven't worn blouses for over 6 years (since my last child was born), since I didn't like how it was fiiting around my body. Since discovering Lekala I am a believer again.

After all the cut pattern pieces are sewn together the blouse is very wide at the front and I needed to trim this, since it made me look fatter than I am. (It's probably all in my head, but still....)
And I did not like the long drape at my butt and will be rounding that off as well. Hopefully I can finish this project today, but I need to find a fabric for facing. My fabric ran out on me. ;-)

Users Comments

  • désirée boutault

    on voit que ce tissu doit etre tres agréable pour ce genre de corsage

  • JdT

    Such a beautiful fabric!
    Making up a blouse in a stiffer fabric is a creative choice that will make the piece very original. I love that you don’t have to iron it ;)
    I can wait to see when finished