In between the seasons

Name In between the seasons
Status finished
Started Feb 3, 2022
Completed Feb 4, 2022
Progress 100 %
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Notes I can tell you I finished this garment in 1 evening!! That the pattern is already in my size and basically ready to be cut on fabric saves me a couple of nights drawing pattern, adjusteing to my size and figure. I printed it on A0 so that I only needed 1 piece of paper and did not have to puzzle. Best decision ever!

I have made an adjustment to lengthen the sleeves, since spring is holding out on us.
But the remainder of the pattern I left in shape.
I made the shirt of a scuba seudine fabric and because of this I left out the opening at the back.
The fabric has some stretch to compensate. There will be more going to follow I can tell you!

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