New Year’s Eve Top

Name New Year’s Eve Top
Status in progress
Started Dec 27, 2021
Progress 50 %
Privacy public
Notes Even though we are staying home (and will likely be in lock down because of the spread of the variant) I want to make a nice top for New Year’s Eve.

Users Comments

  • Jaeckel Jaeckel

    Ca fait surtout froissé. Les poids du tissu et la coupe accentue cette impression.

  • Newenka

    I really like this top and fabric and the pattern is going on my wish list.

  • Jane Riebe

    Nice! You must be somewhere warm. LOL. I have found that Lekala almost routinely calls for a zipper in the back of most garments. I have learned that most garments don't NEED a zipper, so like you, I don't put one in if it's not needed.

  • désirée boutault

    j'aime beaucoup le resultat final le choix du tissu a effet froufrou

  • Boppingbeth

    My tester top is a light weight knit instead of the woven the pattern calls for so I eliminated the back zipper. I realized when comparing to my Judy that the armholes being drafted are really deep for a sleeveless top. I raised the underarm an inch (and could have done with adding at least another half inch). Because I didn’t want to fuss around with piecing my fold over binding, I decided to add 3/8” to the front edge for serging and turning. That worked like a charm.

    My husband grinned when he saw me in this and called it my ‘Helloooo Officer’ top.

  • Boppingbeth

    I’m going to call this my New Year’s Insanity top. I have black fold over elastic for the ‘piping’ around the edges. Depending on the fit, I may skip the zipper altogether.