Chillout Shirt

Name Chillout Shirt
Status finished
Started Nov 6, 2021
Completed Nov 20, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I wanted to make a comfortable longsleeve shirt with this pattern. The kind you can wear with leggings when you know you will sit and eat a lot or for days when you just don't feel like emphasizing you belly.

Therefore, I used light summer sweat for this project. And though I really love the fabric, I would not recommend summer sweat for this pattern. It looks nice from the front but as it falls quite stiff, I feel that it looks not really flatterning from the side... but I still like the print very much and the combination with the red dotted fabric (to fit the collar of the skull lady in the print on the main fabric... I also have a bandana that fits hers).

However, I again had the problem that the neckline was way too deep, even the insert only reached up to the middle of my beasts... I will try the option "high breasts" next time, maybe this will help. By planlessly cutting the neck parts apart again and randomly stitching things together, I could still achieve a somewhat wearable result, though :)

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