Tilly's peasant blouse

Name Tilly's peasant blouse
Status finished
Started Oct 29, 2021
Completed Nov 1, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes Ecru linen/cotton
Vintage embroidered flower motifs
Faux tortoiseshell buttons

A very pretty blouse that I made a silly mistake with. I over gathered the back section which makes it pull a bit. It looks very pretty and she says she likes it but a mother knows when they are just being sweet!

If I were to make again I would ...

# Push the gathers more to the sleeve and front.
# Lower the neck line a wee bit
# Make the arm cuff a bit bigger.

Users Comments

  • Nicole Keller

    Merci, Estelle. Je pense qu’elle a l’air si jolie dedans. J’aurais juste aimé ne pas avoir fait de telles erreurs stupides.

    Thank you, Estelle. I think she looks so pretty in it. Just wish I had not made such silly mistakes.

  • Dup

    Très jolie blouse avec des broderies qui lui donnent un petit côté rétro que j'aime vraiment beaucoup ????.
    Belle réalisation,

  • Nicole Keller

    Merci beaucoup Désiree, j’aurais dû regarder la photo correctement. Les broderies correspondent parfaitement à un skort que je lui ai fait.

    thank you so much Désiree, I should have looked at the picture properly. The embroideries perfectly match a skort I made her.

  • désirée boutault

    Tres jolie blouse pour une tres jolie jeune fille la touche avec ces broderies sont superbes et je vois que la blouse a une difference de style selon si l'encolure est attachée ou pas
    mais bravo pour cette réalisation

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Jane, you are very kind.
    I was so cross at myself, if I look at the diagram it is obvious there isn't any gathering across the back.

  • Jane Riebe

    Such a cute top for a cute girl. Your workmanship always looks excellent. Don't blame yourself for things that don't turn out quite right. Sometimes these patterns are a little off or don't give good instructions.