Nude shine sheer

Name Nude shine sheer
Status finished
Started Oct 25, 2021
Completed Feb 2, 2022
Progress 100 %
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Notes Fabric: super cheap polyester crepe , sheer, in nude color with a silvery shiny coating. Very nice but I am afraid it will be scratchy. But it is a good fabric to make a wearable toile to test the fit.
It takes less fabric than what is estimated. I usually wear size 36 and it took me 1m fabric.
zipper: 30 cm back open from the bottom.
Making the pleats were rather tricky because of the slippery fabric. Pleated part will not stay pleated as the pleats are not permanent. But if I stitch them down then the blouse becomes too tight in bust. Not sure I can finally wear it. Finding the solution took me sew the pleats and unpick them about 5 times and it took me many hours days….
Finished all seams in French seam including arm holes.
Fit: armholes too small,tight at the back. Otherwise ok.
As pleats won’t stay at the stomach it is too baggy. So I topstitched down the pleats but only at 8 cm on the waist.
Added decorative stitches to a few places to balance out that top stitching in the center.
I had trouble installing the invisible zipper to this fabric and the hem is not super nice. I will try to iron it and perhaps redo hem, but before I do that I will try to wear it a few times to see whether it is too small whether it cracks in the arm hole
A little concerned with tight fit around arm and chest area.

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  • désirée boutault

    j'ai hate de voir le resultat
    peut etre coudre une fermeture eclair invisible