Zara's Gingham Shirt

Name Zara's Gingham Shirt
Status finished
Started Sep 23, 2021
Completed Sep 23, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes A wearable muslin for some very special linen fabric.
Cotton gingham with white buttons.

I like the separate collar and stand.

Made and posted to my daughter.

She didn't like the way the hem kicked out (she has a small waist but full hips so I guess that is why that happened)
She doesn't like the all in one sleeve either. She thinks she will probably wear it as a pj top so I will make her matching shorts.

I think it could be quite nice in a drapey jersey or a crepe de chine.

Users Comments

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you JDT, I have a wee bamboo collar point tool, it is gentler than a knitting needle to poke.

  • Nicole Keller

    Merci Desiree, elle l’a porté sur les nageurs!
    Thank you Desiree, she has been wearing it over swimmers!

  • JdT

    Your collar is super sharp, wonderful work

  • désirée boutault

    le resultat est la est au final c'est une tres jolie chemise

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Maria, she is a bit tricky to pin down on what she wants. I think I will just make a standard button up shirt. With matching shorts, it will make cute pjs.

    Thank you Jane, I just KNEW she wasn't going to like it but I don't like UFO's. I have not seen it on, far too busy for a photo (eye-roll) the collar is lovely!

    Guta, thank you!
    I added side vents as she likes to tie them but I could trim it off. I wanted her to try it first.
    Ah well, not the first rejected garment which is why I muslined before cutting the good stuff.
    Гута, спасибо!
    Я добавил боковые вентиляционные отверстия, так как она любит их завязывать, но я мог бы обрезать их. Я хотел, чтобы она сначала попробовала.
    , ну, не первая отвергнутая одежда, поэтому я муслин перед тем, как разрезать хорошие вещи.

  • Maria

    This looks great on the hangar, what a pity Zara didn’t find it so good to wear. I like the way the adjoined sleeves finish up on the bias - your gingham fabric shoes this off really effectively.
    An excellent plan to make into pyjamas, much better than just hanging in the wardrobe!

  • Jane Riebe

    Even though your daughter was seemingly less than thrilled with it, it looks like a very well made garment. Nice job!!

  • Guta

    Смотритмя очень не плохо. Можно добавить выточки и приталить по бокам. Мне нравится!