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Butterfly pinafore

Name Butterfly pinafore
Status finished
Started Oct 18, 2021
Completed Oct 21, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I wanted to use a beautiful butterfly design and chose this style as the straight panels of the skirt could be combined into a single front section. I have done this by creating a horizontal seam in the side front, at the level of the belt, with the princess seam above it.
My fabric is black stretch denim.
I have added photographs of work in progress …. watch this space!

Finished - I am very pleased with the finished result. This works alone, as a sleeveless dress, or with a top underneath for cooler weather. The square neckline is nicely framed by the facings and the whole garment is a lovely shape. I did need to do some fitting adjustments to the bodice section and lengthen the skirt a bit, but still think this is a great pattern. I removed the side straps, my denim fabric made these rather bulky - and this allows me to add different belts if I choose.
Very pleased with the embroidery :)

Users Comments

  • Pharmgirl

    Nice!!! Love your color choices and the placement. Works as a cohesive design, rather than embroidery plunked down on a garment. Sewist goals, for sure. :)

  • Newenka

    Very nicely and precisely done. You did a great job again!

  • Jane Riebe

    It did turn out really nice, and the fit looks perfect! It's hard not to be pleased with how machine embroidery turns out. There are so many wonderful designs to choose from out there. The butterfly motif worked perfectly for this garment.

  • Guta

    Вы большая молодец. Вышывка очень хорошо дополняет сарафан.

  • désirée boutault

    cette broderie est magnifique et va donner un autre style a cet robe en la personnalisant
    Milles bravos

  • JdT

    This is super interesting!

  • Newenka

    Maria we were allowed to look in your sewing studio and of course I did. It seems difficult to get everything in the right place, but you will certainly succeed. Good luck with your project!

  • Jane Riebe

    My embroidery machine is the main reason I don't sew as many clothes, anymore. Always have other non-clothing projects going with that. Nice to see you incorporate your embroidery designs with your garment creations. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.