Bird top with gathered neckline

Naam Bird top with gathered neckline
Status afgerond
Gestart 16 okt. 2021
Afgerond 16 okt. 2021
Voortgang 100 %
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Notities This top is quite a bit shorter than the one in the illustration, comes to 26cm below the waist whereas the effect on the illustration would be more like 35-40cm below the waist for my height (1.71m).
This fabric is a light cotton lawn, with a pattern of birds in flight.
I am still pleased with the result, this is very different to styles I normally wear and feels as though it will be cool and comfortable. I have the option to wear with a belt, like the illustration, if I choose. The adjustable neckline gives lots of options between a snug, gathered neckline and a wider off the shoulders one.

Gebruikers opmerkingen

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    Hi Maria.
    You look good in your new top. So cool!

  • Newenka

    It's fun to wear both. The loose blouse for convenience and with the belt for a different look.

  • désirée boutault

    c est vrai qu'un simple accessoire comme une ceinture peut modifier le style du vetement
    la double gaze est super pour ce genre de vetement

  • Jane Riebe

    Very nice, Maria! It is amazing what a different look a belt gives it.