Off-shoulder top

Name Off-shoulder top
Status finished
Started Oct 12, 2021
Progress 100 %
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Notes Generally I like this top, but I probably would not make another one. The pattern is designed so as not to sit on your shoulders but just off your shoulders. For me, that isn't comfortable. I recommend a very lightweight fabric for this pattern because you need the fabric to drape nicely. My fabric choice was probably not as light as would have been ideal. Also, make sure you don't select a fabric that is directional as I did because the front is cut on the bias, and I didn't take that into account. Lekala has a habit of putting zippers in almost every pattern. Like many of their patterns, this one does not need a zipper so I nixed that. I would have preferred this top to be a little longer. Also, the darts they designed in the back of the top are way too small; almost insignificant. I had to take them in quite a bit to get a better fit. My fabric was actually designed by my niece: This is a website where you can find any fabric design you can think of. They also offer designs in numerous fabric types. I believe they ship worldwide, too.

Users Comments

  • Guta

    Вам пришлось потрудится но в конечном итоге получилось очень даже хорошо!

  • Jane Riebe

    This was not easy to make, and I should have mentioned that with my original post. It looks like it would be easy but I would not recommend it for a novice sewist. I did a lot of under-stitching to hold the collar in place.

  • JdT

    Looks really good on you! Especially when we compare it to my trial of this pattern which was…hm… anyway this top is very pretty on you. As we all know pretty things are not always comfortable

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    Your top turned out to be very nice! The fit is perfect. Maybe you will get us to wearing it of the shoulder. Let's hope so, because you certainly want to show this wonderful and very special fabric!

  • Newenka

    Although it is not quite to your liking, your top looks really nice. Sometimes things don't go the way you would like, which is always a shame, but it looks great on you and the fabric is beautiful!

  • désirée boutault

    Le resultat est tres joli