Home working trousers

Name Home working trousers
Status frogged
Started Oct 9, 2021
Progress 80 %
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Notes *update*
I have never finished this. It was too big, I should have taken in at least 3-6cm on each side. As I have constructed it on a serger I was too lazy to unpick it. Also if you don’t want to add a cuff at the legs then the bottom is too wide. I did not want to buy cuffing. While manipulating the fabric I noticed it already started to fluff up, So I just ended up not even making it as it would not get much wear.

Brushed Ponte Roma fabric ( cotton & elasthan and polyamid.) charcoal color with light grey pin stripes.
I have no experience with jogging and very little with trousers so let’s see how it goes.
Issues with my sewing machine: I made it by serger and by hand. Waistband is twisting: I must have missed the grain line :(
I do not love it enough to make the welt pockets…. Just in case I don’t wear it.
I have entered 2 cm smaller measurements because I like it tight but it is too big.

Users Comments

  • Newenka

    I have this one on my wish list. What fabric are you going to use for this?