Gold blouse

Name Gold blouse
Status finished
Started May 3, 2015
Completed Jul 17, 2015
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I love this blouse! The satin I used is very thick and the model is clear.
I wanted to try a double placket, I like it!
The color is a dream

Users Comments

  • Pfaff262


  • Saretta

    Thanks a lot ! It wasn't easy to deal with that blouse !
    I loved the double buttons so I sewed invisibly inside the plackets these hooks and eyes$category=ozd3n51f2yu

  • Grace Buchanan

    Your neckline, pleating on the sleeve cap, and sleeve band look great! I admire your diligence with the satin.

    I can't see how you fasten your buttons; do you put this shirt on over your head?