Shirt Sleeping Beauty

Name Shirt Sleeping Beauty
Status finished
Started Sep 22, 2021
Completed Sep 22, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes My first jersey project :)
It was more of an excercise project so I used a fabric from an online purchase that went wrong (it didn't look that pink on the pictures on the website...). But I think it is quite cute for a sleeping shirt.
I learned how to construct puffed sleeves in a sewing class so I had to add some to this shirt.
And I always wanted to try how to finish a neckline with elastic lace and it turned out quite nice.
The fit is a bit short even for me so the next time, I will definitely add a few centimeters.
And I definitely have to make some matching shorts!

Users Comments

  • Andrea

    Thank you, Jane :)
    And also thanks for the advice. I am only 1.55m (I think that's about 5'1'') and I usually always have to think about shortening everything; this is a really new situation for me :D

  • Jane Riebe

    That turned out really cute! I find Lekala patterns (particularly tops) to be a bit short (even for a shortcake like me, who is only 5'4" (162.5 cm).

  • Andrea

    Merci, désirée :)

  • désirée boutault

    c est tres joli et de bon gout avec la dentelle qui fini le tout

  • Andrea

    Thank you, Maria, I am glad, you like it :)

  • Maria

    Your elastic neckline finish looks very neat, the contrast colour sets it off nicely.