"leaf on concrete".

Nom "leaf on concrete".
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Début 7 sept. 2021
Complet 7 sept. 2021
Progression 100 %
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Notes Sewing a T-shirt is basically nothing special. It is simple and straightforward to walk to.

This time I have taken the starting point in a picture my older brother has taken. He calls it: "leaf on concrete".

I have made 10 meters of fabric.

This T-shirt ended up being something special. My brother should have the T-shirt as a gift when he turns years later in the year.

Commentaires des utilisateurs

  • Bodil

    another project

  • Bodil

    Mange Tak.

  • désirée boutault

    le choix des 2 tissus est parfait pour ce genre de tee shirt

  • Bodil

    I do not yet have an plan for the rest of the fabrics.

  • Maria

    How special to design your own fabric, I am very impressed by this!
    I hope you have some special projects planned for the rest of the 10m?