Plunge front dress

Name Plunge front dress
Status finished
Started Jul 4, 2021
Completed Sep 1, 2021
Progress 100 %
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Notes I love this dress but it required a special bra ( see last photo) I throughly recommend it for a small busted woman but I don't think I would sew it again for me!

I sewed it in a de-lustered satin, black with a tiny dot that is half white/half nude pink.
I self lined the bodice and waist panels.
I added interfacing to the bodice edge and back neck.
I interfaced the waist panels.
I used elastic roulette and added a placket to the skirt front.

Users Comments

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Pharmgirl, I used elastic roulette, which made the buttons easier (but take so long to do up)!!!
    I also added a placket at the skirt sit is just bound and I didn't think that would be very sturdy.
    I *guess* you could add a bit more to the front but I am not very good at pattern adaption. Whenever I 'hack' a pattern it ;looks hacked!

  • Pharmgirl

    Lovely dress! This pattern had caught my eye as well, haven't taken the plunge because of, well... the plunge. And - oh, my heavenly days! - all those buttons. But your version is beautiful. Very well done.

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Beth, it is such a beautiful fabric that I want to make it work.

    Thank you Irina, I certainly feel glamorous in it.

    Thank you jdT, I made it for out formal family photos and my adult daughters are encouraging me to wear it.
    I imagine in on someone like Poppy Delevingne in Riviera.

  • JdT

    I have small breasts and such dress doesn’t look good on me. This looks amazing on you , nothing to complain about, I think it is perfectly wearable . ..Depending on the occasion , I suppose.

  • Ирина Чуйкова

    Получилось очень женственное и продуманное платье, отличный результат!

  • Beth Perry-Wattleworth

    Looks fantastic. And you can you crated this well. I would have the same problem as you’re having. If I were going to try it, I’d insert a triangular modesty panel at the bust. I’ve looked at this pattern. And if make some kind of adjustments to the front. You did a great job.

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Desiree, I love it but definitely needs the right under garments and support.

    Thank you Jane, a beautiful, beautiful dress but I have fed six children, more suited to a youthful, smaller bust perhaps?

  • Jane Riebe

    Your dress turned out beautifully! Nice workmanship, as usual. Perhaps you could wear a cami or a tube top with it. I have seen a few Lekala patterns that, in my opinion, don't quite get the bust 'right'.

  • désirée boutault

    tres jolie robe mais cela est vrai que le decolleté est profond donc unbon soutien gorge adapté s'impose