Dreaming of the 70ies

Name Dreaming of the 70ies
Status finished
Started Aug 13, 2021
Completed Aug 20, 2021
Progress 100 %
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Notes My "mother-in-law" found this old duvet cover on her attic. It was hers as a young girl in the early 70ies and was later converted into the cover of my boyfriend's baby play blanket. When I saw it, I immediately had this pattern in mind and wanted to make a super happy summer dress out of it.

I didn't change much this time, I only shortened it by about 5cm in order to make it look more 70ies-miniskirt-like and added the cotton lace belt. And I used a rolled hem for the sleeves - I love how they remind me of flower pedals now.

The dress was a great success at my mother-in-law's birthday party - the whole family at once recognized the old beloved duvet cover and everybody was happy that it has now a new life.

Users Comments

  • Andrea

    First sew together the two short straight edges of the two sleeve parts (right sides together). Then turn. And you have two marks on the sleeves pattern that look like a T (not the Xs). The point where the long straight edge and the curved one meet has to meet the T mark on the respective other sleeve part. The front part goes inside the back sleeve.
    I think the gathering has to take place between the X marks, but it has been a while and I am not so sure.
    I will post a photo of the pattern with the marks.

  • Laurel

    How did you do the sleeves? The instructions are pretty vague. How did you know how much to overlap the front and back sleeve? And between what points did you gather the top edge? Hoping you can help.

  • cousette00

    I love it!!! The dress as the story behind!

  • Andrea

    Thank you all for your nice compliments :) I am really glad you like my dress :)

  • Pharmgirl

    This is SO cute!! Nice job with pattern placement and choice of trims. Love it!

  • désirée boutault

    tres jolie réalisation ,elle fait vraiment année 70

  • Guta

    Веселенькое получилось!