Sewist social network is live!

Dear Lekala Members,

We are more than thrilled to invite all of our members to join our new website, We are very excited to share with you some of the features that will be available to the new Sewist community, a site for storing, sharing, learning, and selling.

Your account is not present on Sewist unless you log in to the website. In case you use your Lekala login to log in onto Sewist, your account on Sewist will be created automatically.

We have devised a convenient procedure for Lekala members to join Sewist easily:
You may use your current Lekala account to automatically create a Sewist account. To do so, please browse to and login with your Lekala details. Your account will be safely created automatically and you can continue editing your details, passwords, create new projects, like patterns and manage your stash and library.
In case you opt not to join Sewist, you don't need to login and your account will not be created.

Here’s what we can share so far: becoming a member is absolutely free and will be monitored by the community members can add information about patterns they own or design our members and other companies may sell their patterns in their online sewing store Lekala patterns will be offered through Sewist

Some of the new features that we plan to offer are:
  • a place to share projects and send and receive comments and messages
  • a community-driven database for storing information on patterns
  • pictures of fabric from one’s stash that can be categorized and easily searched for
  • chat forums, tutorials, and feature articles related to sewing and crafting
  • a place to sell, trade, or give away patterns, fabric, and sewing related products
  • more features will be added as suggested by Sewist members

Your Lekala Co account will automatically be added to Sewist unless you prefer not to join.

*Important: Sewist domain is owned by Lekala company and is hosted on the same servers. Distinguishing our social and commercial activities between the two domains does not mean that we are sharing your information with the third parties.
If you still want to opt out of Sewist social network, you will be able to do so as described above.

We’re looking forward to having our Lekala members be the first to join Sewist and help to start a productive, friendly, and resourceful site for sewists everywhere!

See you soon!
The Sewist Team