Free sleeves patterns on Lekala are a great tool for redesigning sleeveless dresses, blouses, vests and so on. In case a style you have chosen doesn't have sleeves, you can order them separately. (1) Please make sure that the shoulder of the pattern is not too short or too long, and edit the pattern if it is required - the top of the armhole should be approximately where you can feel the bone at the shoulder joint. (2) To change ease of the sleeve cap, you may use the corresponding field in the order form. By default, there is already a value implied that ensures good fit for the given sleeve style and fabric, but you can increase or decrease percentage. Ease is applied to the upper third of the sleeve curve, and the values are usually between 0 and 15 per cent. (3) As usual, your measurements will be required to ensure perfect fit. On top of this, please measure the armhole length (measuring along the curve) or rather front armhole length and back armhole length, as this will provide better sleeve balance.

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