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Summer dress

Name Summer dress
Status finished
Started Sep 2, 2020
Completed Oct 30, 2020
Progress 100 %
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Notes It was so much fun making this dress and the fit was perfect.
I didn't do the small sleeves and didn't need a zipper.
I made the facing parts of the armholes from the same fabric and never use bias tape.
The fabric is stretchy.

While taking the pictures there was a strong wind and every time I wanted to take a picture from the front there was a whirlwind. That is why the underskirt of the dress has moved slightly to the side but actually falls the same as the back.

Users Comments

  • Yuliya

    Great job! Very accurate, I like such garments. It is like piece of art, I wish I could create the same.

  • Newenka

    Maria just this. I have used stretch cotton and it is firmer than regular tricot that sags easily.

  • Newenka

    Michelle, Maria and Astrid, thank you very much for your compliments because it was quite a lot of work. Thank you!

  • Astrid Herrera

    Love the outcome of your dress! Thanks for the description on your experience sewing it. I love stretchy fabrics, will give it a try sometime. Yours is very pretty :) Bravo!

  • Maria

    This is a lovely dress, really nice colours in the fabric and a great shape.
    Very neatly sewn - I find curved seams with stretch fabric very tricky!
    I haven't tried this pattern because I was worried the neckline would be a bit too plunging, but your version looks just right.

  • Michele Pretorius

    Great job, such an interesting pattern!